Lua Scripts for Making/Mutating Fractals
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Lua Scripts for Making/Mutating Flame Fractals

Fractal Architect 4 has Lua scripting support.

This repository is intended to hold scripts so that the entire Fractal Architect community can use them.


Some of the scripts here are ported from either Apophysis Pascal scripts or JWildfire Java scripts.

All of the rest are original scripts.

How to Use These Scripts

Easiest way is: download the repository as a Zip file.

Fractal Architect's Script selector allows you to open the My Scripts folder in the Mac. Then drag scripts from the repository into your active My Scripts folder.


You can use the Choose Folder for My Scripts button in the app to make the downloaded repository's My Scripts folder your active My Scripts folder.

Using DiffMerge to Merge Changes Between Folders

A great tool for moving scripts around is DiffMerge.

Contributing Your Own Scripts

Please feel free to clone this repository and add your own scripts.

If you want to contribute your scripts, please use GitHub's Pull Requests to notify me of your changes you want to have incorporated.