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Smarty template engine service provider (extension) for Silex microframework. Smarty 2& 3 supported.

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The SmartyServiceProvider provides integration with the Smarty template engine.


  • smarty.dir (string, optional): Path to the directory containing Smarty distribution (a one with folders libs and demo). If not given, provider assumes, that smarty class is already loaded.

  • smarty.instance (\Smarty, optional): An instance of Smarty class. If not given, will be created by the provider.

  • smarty.options (array, optional): An associative array of smarty class variables to set. Check out the Smarty documentation for more information.

  • smarty.configure (callable, optional): A callable which takes one argument - Smarty class instance. It is called during provider's register() method. You can use this option to make some custom smarty configuration, for example.


  • smarty: The Smarty instance. The main way of interacting with Smarty.


Make sure you place a copy of Smarty in the vendor/Smarty directory:

use FractalizeR\Smarty\ServiceProvider as SmartyServiceProvider;
define('SMARTY_PATH', __DIR__ . '/../../../../vendor/Smarty');

$app->register(new SmartyServiceProvider(), array(
          'smarty.dir' => SMARTY_PATH,
          'smarty.options' => array(
                'template_dir' => SMARTY_PATH . '/demo/templates',
                'compile_dir' => SMARTY_PATH . '/demo/templates_c',
                'config_dir' => SMARTY_PATH . '/demo/configs',
                'cache_dir' => SMARTY_PATH . '/demo/cache',),));


Smarty is not compiled into the silex.phar file. You have to add your own copy of Smarty to your application.


The Smarty provider provides a smarty service:

$app->get('/hello/{name}', function ($name) use ($app) {
    return $app['smarty']->display('hello.tpl', array(
        'name' => $name,

This will render a file named hello.tpl in the configured templates folder you passed in smarty.options.

In any Smarty template, the app variable refers to the Application object. So you can access any services from within your view. For example to access $app['request']->getHost(), just put this in your template:

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