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Starling: Changelog

version 1.1 - 2012-05-06

  • added support for multi-resolution development through 'contentScaleFactor'
  • added demo project for mobile devices
  • added scaffold project for mobile devices
  • added blend modes
  • added Flash Builder project files
  • added ability to erase content from a render texture (through 'BlendMode.ERASE')
  • added 'toString' method to Touch class
  • added 'getBounds' utility method to VertexData class and using it in Quad class
  • added ability to use 'QuadBatch' class as a display object
  • added 'Starling.showStats' method for FPS and MEM monitoring
  • added minimal Bitmap Font 'mini'
  • added 'baseline' property to BitmapFont class
  • added ability to use multiples of 'BitmapFont.NATIVE_SIZE'
  • added 'Touch.getMovement' property
  • added 'Transport Chief' script to deploy iOS apps via the terminal
  • added reset method to tween class to support instance pooling (thanks to pchertok!)
  • added 'Event.ROOT_CREATED', dispatched when the root object is ready (thanks to fogAndWhisky!)
  • optimized shaders for iPad and comparable devices, leading to a much better performance
  • optimized vertex buffer uploading for faster iPad 1 performance
  • optimized 'Quad.getBounds' method
  • optimized Bitmap Font rendering greatly
  • optimized 'DisplayObjectContainer.contains' method greatly (thanks to joshtynjala!)
  • optimized some matrix and rendering code (thanks to jSandhu!)
  • fixed error when TextField text property was set to 'null'
  • fixed wrong error output in 'Image.smoothing' setter
  • fixed: pausing and restarting Starling now resets passed time
  • fixed exception when child of flattened sprite had zero scaleX- or scaleY-value
  • fixed exception on mipmap creation when texture was only one pixel high/wide
  • fixed lost color data when pma vertex data was set to 'alpha=0' (thanks to Tomyail!)
  • fixed: mouse, touch & keyboard events are now ignored when Starling is stopped
  • fixed: native overlay is now still updated when Starling is stopped
  • fixed possible blurring of persistent render texture (thanks to grahamma!)
  • fixed drawing erros in render texture that occured with certain scale factors
  • fixed error when MovieClip was manipulated from a COMPLETE handler

version 1.0 - 2012-02-24

  • reduced memory consumption a LOT by getting rid of many temporary objects
  • added numerous performance enhancements (by inlining methods, removing closures, etc.)
  • added 'sortChildren' method to DisplayObjectContainer, for easy child arrangement
  • added 'useHandCursor' property to Sprite class
  • added 'useHandCursor' activation to Button class
  • added 'stage3D' property to Starling class
  • added hover phase for both cursors in multitouch simulation
  • added support to handle a lost device context
  • added check for display tree recursions (a child must not add a parent)
  • added support for having multiple Starling instances simultaneously
  • added 'Event.COMPLETE' and using it in MovieClip class
  • added Ant build file (thanks to groves!)
  • added new artwork to demo project
  • optimized MovieClip 'advanceTime' method
  • changed IAnimatable interface:
    • removed 'isComplete' method
    • instead, the Juggler listens to the new event type REMOVE_FROM_JUGGLER
  • fixed 'isComplete' method of various classes (possible due to IAnimatable change)
  • fixed null reference exception in BitmapFont class that popped up when a kerned character was not defined (thanks to jamieowen!)
  • fixed handling of platforms that have both mouse and a multitouch device
  • fixed reliability of multitouch simulation
  • fixed dispose method of main Starling class
  • fixed bounds calculation on empty containers (thanks to groves!)
  • fixed SubTextures: they are now smart enough to dispose unused base textures.
  • fixed right mouse button issues in AIR (now only listening to left mouse button)

version 0.9.1 - 2011-12-11

  • added property to access native stage from Starling class
  • added property to access Starling stage from Starling class
  • added exception when render function is not implemented
  • moved touch marker image into src directory for better portability
  • added bubbling for Event.ADDED and Event.REMOVED
  • added 'readjustSize' method to Image
  • added major performance enhancements:
    • created QuadBatch class as a replacement for the QuadGroup class, and using it for all quad rendering
    • optimized VertexData class
    • removed many Matrix allocations in RenderSupport class
    • removed many temporary object allocations
    • accelerated re-flattening of flattened sprites
    • replaced performance critical 'for each' loops with faster 'for' loops
  • demo now automatically uses 30 fps in Software mode
  • fixed center of rotation in multitouch demo
  • fixed mouse/touch positions when stage size is changed
  • fixed alpha propagation in flattened sprites
  • fixed ignored bold property in TextField constructor
  • fixed code to output fewer warnings in FDT

version 0.9 - 2011-09-11

  • first public version
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