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Libosmscout is a C++ library for offline map rendering, routing and location lookup based on OpenStreetMap data.

Supported platforms:

  • 32bit or 64 bit platforms in general are supported.
  • Requires a compiler that supports C++11.
  • Linux using recent versions of gcc or clang.
  • Mac OS X and iOS using XCode/clang.
  • Windows using MinGW-based gcc compiler or Visual Studio 2015.
  • Android did work a while ago but is currently untested. Should work, if the compiler is C++11 aware.


The libraries itself are under LGPL. For details see the LICENSE file.


The official homepage is at: http://libosmscout.sourceforge.net/.


Please subscribe to the mailing list and ask your questions. English is the preferred language but other languages might be supported, too.


You can find detailed instruction how to get libraries and applications build and working and other introductory documentation on the homepage.

The documentation in the OpenStreepMap Wiki is currently still correct but is not activily maintained by the libosmscout team.


You can find a list of features here. Note that the features pages are currently not up to date. We are unsure how to best represent all the features of libosmscout.


You can find some documentation and tutorials on the homepage and some other documentation in the git repository.

There are a number of demo applications that show how to make use of the various features of the library.

We plan to move all documentation for the repository to the homepage.

Automatic builds

Automatic builds for Linux and Mac OS X can be found at Travis. The Linux builds are currently based on Ubuntu 14.04. For both operating systems clang and gcc is used as compiler.

You can find automatic builds for Windows at Appveyor. There are builds for using MinGW (autoconf, cmake) and VisualStudio (cmake).

Current build status:

Operating Systems Provider Status
Linux, Mac OS Travis-CI Build Status
Windows Appveyor Build status
Linux Circle CI Build Status
Linux Wercker wercker status