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Codecast C learning platform (formerly fioi-recorder).
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Try it

The most recent production version can be used here.

The development version can be tried here. This version can break compatibility with past production releases, that is, there is no expectation that recordings made on the development version will remain readable.

Quick start

Build c-to-json and copy the executable at the root of this project.

Copy config.json.template to config.json and edit it.

If not using oauth2, remove keys "database", "session" and "auth" and fill in settings in "configs" and "tokens".

If using oauth2, fill in settings in "database", "session" and "auth", and remove keys "configs" and "tokens". Use oauth2_schema.sql, and add rows in user_configs where value is a json object with keys "s3AccessKeyId", "s3SecretAccessKey", "s3Region", "s3Bucket", and "uploadPath". The row with user_id 0 is used for guest settings.

Start with these commands:

npm install
npm run build
npm start

For development "npm run build" is not needed as webpack is configured to watch the source files:

NODE_ENV=development npm start

Build for offline use

rm -rf build
BUILD=offline NODE_ENV=production npm run build
zip -r build assets
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