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Try it

The most recent production version can be used here.

The development version can be tried here. This version can break compatibility with past production releases, that is, there is no expectation that recordings made on the development version will remain readable.

Python documentation


Get the current version of c-to-json to the root of this project. You can retrieve the last compiled version (linux) like so:

curl -O
chmod +x c-to-json
sudo apt-get install libncurses5


Copy config.json.template to config.json and edit it.

If not using HTTPS, set to false.

If not using oauth2, set "auth" to {}: you'll be able to use the guest mode only.

AWS S3 bucket

To be able to store recordings and play them, you'll need an AWS S3 bucket.

Create an AWS account and then a S3 bucket.

In the "Permissions" section of your bucket, setup this CORS configuration:

        "AllowedHeaders": [
        "AllowedMethods": [
        "AllowedOrigins": [
        "ExposeHeaders": []

In the "Permissions" section of your bucket, you'll also want to edit "block public access" and disable blocking all public access.

Then generate AWS credentials in "My Security Credentials" > "Access keys" and use these credentiels to fill in the config.json file.


Create a local MySQL database and import the file db_schema.sql into it. Add rows in user_configs where value is a json object with keys "s3AccessKeyId", "s3SecretAccessKey", "s3Region", "s3Bucket", and "uploadPath". The row with user_id 0 is used for guest settings.

Fill the config.json file with your database credentials.

Old documentation

  1. setup codecast-examples project and proxy it to '/examples' also install a cors plugin in your browser to get rid of cors issues.

  2. when login in for the first time in development, check the console log for the user_id, which you need to add the db row for the user, that's mentioned above

  3. for uploading your own codecast for your dev setup, use "/dev-upload" url, add in backend/server.js, instructions are in there

Install project and run

In order to be able to download the @france-ioi packages, you need to create a github access token ( and put in your home directory a ~/.npmrc file with the following content :


You can then install and run the project, or update it:

git submodule update --init
yarn install
yarn dev

To build the project for production use, run:

git submodule update --init
yarn install
yarn build
yarn start

Offline use

1 : Build the offline ZIP :

    yarn pack-offline

2 : Install and configure archive-builder

3 : Fill the configuration in /config.json

  • builderUrl is the URL of the archive-builder you installed in the previous step.
  • builderSecret is the builder secret.
  • ownSecret A secret string you can generate with :
node -e 'console.log(require("crypto").randomBytes(32).toString("base64"))'

Developers additional documentation

Documentation for linker :


Codecast C learning platform (formerly fioi-recorder).







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