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At Your Company

If you believe MongoDB can benefit others at your company or organization, there are a number of ways you can introduce your colleagues to this new technology.

Host a Hackathon

Hackathons are a great way to expose developers in your company to MongoDB, rapidly prototyping new projects with new technologies. MongoDB is excellent fodder for hackathons due to its ease of use and dynamic schema.

A hackathon offers a large amount of time for testing new technologies and workflows, and might be the perfect place for you to learn more about MongoDB. Below are some best practices for planning a hackathon:

  • Set goals that benefit everyone - education, collaboration, and development
  • Create a scope and establish evaluation criteria
  • Plan event logistics
    • Venue
    • Food
    • Audio/Visual
  • Provide resources and support for your participants
  • Demo apps
  • Invite high-profile judges and create special awards
  • Showcase apps afterwards to your company
  • Blog about the hackathon and provide links to live apps afterwards

Let us know if you’d like help!

Send the Knowledge Around

Encourage communication within and across teams through an internal social network. Post interesting articles, tutorials and presentations you find through the MongoDB Newsletter, blogs, Twitter or Facebook feeds to encourage your colleagues to think outside of their current technical paradigms.

Innovation Time

Many companies offer engineers the opportunity to spend a certain percentage of their time on new projects. Google is famous for offering its development teams "20% time" for new initiatives, which has produced a number of key innovations, such as Gmail and Google Groups. If you have "20% time" at work consider working on a MongoDB Project with a team.

Host a Meetup

If you don't want to or can't commit the resources to a hackathon, host a local meetup at your company. This is a great way to introduce MongoDB to any interested co-workers, and you can gain speaking experience sharing how you're using MongoDB on a project.

Share other user's success stories and solutions

Attend a local MongoDB User Group

Bring your boss to a local MongoDB User Group. This will help them see the technology in action and see the ecosystem around the database.

For a list of user groups see

Attend a MongoDB Event

Encourage colleagues to attend a MongoDB Event with you. Discussing what you've learned with co-workers will enforce your new knowledge as well as allow you to share it with others back at the office.

Other Resources

See a list of our upcoming events and webinars at

MongoDB hosts events around the world. See a list of our upcoming events and webinars at