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Blogging is an awesome way to share your knowledge and experiences with others. If you're blogging about MongoDB, MongoDB's community team can help you gain exposure for your content, so you can share your knowledge and experience with other users. For more tips on Blogging Check out the [Blogging Best Practices](Blogging Best section.

======= ###Spread the word

Once you've written your post, you need to build an audience. There are many ways to get people to read and engage with your blog. As you start building an audience, remember that quality is as important as quantity. Your early readers are critical. When your audience comments, respond and thank them for their feedback! And remember, if someone leaves a negative comment, stay as respectful, positive, and productive as possible in your response.

###Where you can post

Your personal blog It has never been easier to create a blog. There are platforms like Wordpress, Tumblr, Jekyl and Octopress that make it dead simple to get your content out there. You can also post to Medium.

####Where to post Guest post on the MongoDB Blog: We are happy to have guests posts on the MongoDB community blog. Just follow the guidelines above, and make sure the posts are technical in nature. Send a copy of a blog post or an abstract in a markdown format to the MongoDB community team. We’ll have a look to see if it is a good fit.

Social Media: Social media is an obvious and extremely effective channel for getting the word out about your content. Use Twitter to identify relevant hashtags and tweet out your article. Make sure to follow your stream for any responses or feedback. Post an update on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ to broaden your reach. You can also consider posting in relevant LinkedIn or Facebook groups to get further feedback.

Hacker News: Getting onto the front page of Hacker News will definitely bring traffic to your blog. You should be ready to respond to commentary (both critical and encouraging) on Hacker News should you get upvoted!

Your company blog Many great companies have engineering blogs where they publish articles about the underlying technologies powering their business (see foursquare and Server Density). These blogs are a great way to get more exposure for your company in the developer community.

###Sharing Your Content

There are a number of different social channels you can use to share your content listed in our Blogging Best Practices section

###Planet MongoDB

Planet MongoDB is an aggregator of MongoDB news. It's the go-to place for the latest MongoDB content. The MongoDB community team manages the bloggers that get added to Planet MongoDB.

How do we select who gets added? Like many open source communities with a blog aggregator, we have two simple criteria:

  • You write posts about MongoDB that are valuable to the community. Planet MongoDB is for sharing of knowledge, news, and best practices around the MongoDB community and its members. It's not for product pitches.
  • Your writing reflects your respect for others in the community. Thou shalt not troll.

Want to get added? It's easy. Get in touch with the following information:

  • Name
  • Blog
  • RSS (if you blog about non-MongoDB topics, send a mongodb-specific category feed)
  • Why should you be on Planet MongoDB