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Node Get Financial Stats 🌏📈

Gather, aggregate and combine charts and data of different financial products into an easy digestible well-designed web page displaying multiple products at once.

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What problem does it solve?

This software solve an important issue for me, displaying the relevant financial stats and data of different financial products in a well-designed and concise way, with the possibility to see and easy compare at a glance multiple financial products (having them in the same page).

I like the Google Finance website, though I would have designed it differently, allowing the user to see multiple charts and instruments in the same page, and removing much of the noisy information floating around.

This is kind of how I would have designed the Google Finance website.

Moreover Google Finance has not much financial data, so from the 19/8/18 update, I use Yahoo Finance to gather the financial data, while still relying on Google Finance for the charts (as they are in SVG and prettier).


  • Copy the config-template.js file to a new file called config.js;
  • Edit the file config.js to match your preferences;
  • Install dependencies: npm i;
  • Run the program: node program.js;
    • It will create a new sub-directory with all the assets in the defined output directory;
    • It will create the HTML page in the defined output directory;
  • Open the just created HTML page to consult your precious data. 🙌

About the author.

Generated HTML demo page.


  • NodeJS 🦏
  • NPM 📦

🔧 Troubleshooting:

It doesn't read the Ticker:

It may be possible that Google Finance or Yahoo Finance don't find your defined Ticker, resulting in an error.

In that case you can go manually to the Google Finance or Yahoo Finance website, find your product, and then use the full Ticker.

Example with GIS (General Mills, Inc.):

  • [GIS] -> error 😒;
  • Search on Google Finance. Ouch, the full Ticker is NYSE: GIS;
  • Change it;
  • [NYSE: GIS] -> works 🎉.
Its too fast or too slow for my network:

The software is dependent on you internet connection speed. Please adjust the relative values in your config.js file to match the time required by your network to perform the needed operations (wait for the ajax chart data response).

How does it work? 🤔

1/8/18 Update: I have changed the underlying architecture to be based on an heavily concurrent approach. This speeds up the overall process of many times. The default setting uses a pool of 6 concurrent workers, but you can easily adjust the number in you configuration. Added support for currencies different than USD too.

19/8/18 Update: I switched the data gathering to Yahoo Finance as it has much more useful data. The charts are still taken from Google Finance as they are SVGs (and prettier). Unfortunately now we have to provide two tickers, one working in Google Finance, and another working in Yahoo Finance, as they might differ. The strategy FN has been changed, now it gets provided with the generated HTML ticker and the ticker data object itself, so you can create a full fledged function with all your custom requirements/logic.

26/8/18 Update: I added the possibility to scan ETFs showing only the charts (as they have not much info reported). There is a retry strategy in case of ticker processing failure. Moreover I added some General Market indicators.

It automatically reads the data from the Google Finance and the Yahoo Finance websites using NodeJS and Puppeteer, capturing screenshots SVG-charts and data of a user-defined list of financial instruments.

Then combines those information to create an easy digestible HTML file which at a quick glance sums up all the data.

It also enhance the data marking the Tickers with colours and labels defined in a strategy function that evaluates the P/E ratio. 💸

As a big bonus it will output a fine selection of Emoji in the terminal log.

Sample terminal output expected for Tickers [APPL, GOOG, JNJ]:

Terminal Output


Gather, aggregate and combine charts and data of different financial products into an easy digestible well-designed web page displaying multiple products at once.



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