[🔬 experiment ] A React (w/ Redux) shopping app (full customer lifecycle).
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React shopping App 🛒

This is just an [🔬 experiment].


A React with Redux experiment on creating a shopping app. try it live

I tried to imagine this app in a supermarket context, where there are touch-screen stations where (using this software) people can select, order and pre-pay their virtual shopping basket.

The supermarket staff collect the items from the warehouse and give them to the customers.

Maybe it could fit well in the vegetables section of a supermarket, so people don’t have to touch and collect fruits and vegetables themselves, but just select, pay and find their shopping when leaving.

The flow is simple, select or edit what you like, then checkout and get your recipe.

The station will print the recipe and then the software auto-reset itself for a new customer (updating the customer ID as well).

Redux manages the state and takes care of keeping all the different UI components updated. All transitions are CSS based.

Tech stuff 👾:

  • React ⚛️
  • Redux
  • Lodash
  • CSS
  • Babel
  • Webpack
  • Yarn 🐈
  • created with react-create-app

How to use:

  • download (or see it live here)
  • yarn install && yarn start