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app.xml to Vuejs

A faster way to build web-app by using as uml to create vue single file components

I have made a new version using node that is available here:

This python package will be no longer updated.


The most annoying part in creating a web application is to actually create the files and import them in other components. We've solved the problem by using as editor and a little python program to parse the generated UML file and create the file and directory structures.

Quick Start

Go to create a new file and use the UML objects in order to create your components tree. Be aware, use only the labelled as an object (the fist one). alt text

You can use arrows to link the components, the relation parent-children is express by having an arrow from the children to the parent alt text

If you want to also inclued a file into your component you need to use the specific arrow use alt text

That means that, for example, the file Home.vue will import file User.vue.

Once you have finished your application you must export it as XML not compressed

Then, to create your components, open the terminal and type

cd source/
python3 <pathToXmlFile> <destination>

After that, directories and components will be created. By following our example:

\\after creating all components
├── App.vue
├── components
│   ├── Hello.vue
│   ├── Home
│   │   └── Home.vue
│   └── Index
│       ├── Index.vue
│       └── User
│           └── User.vue

If we take a look at Home.vue for example we can see that all components are loaded correctly

import User from './../Index/User/User.vue'

By using Vue webtools:

alt text

Pro Tip

You can fast use the vue-cli in order to create an app and then use our program to ovveride App.vue and the components folder.