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A reusable skeleton card component written in Vuejs
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A reusable skeleton card component written in Vuejs

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Loader spinner are boring. A skeleton card gives to the user a clue of what the content will look like.


The package can be installed using npm

npm install -S skeleton-card-vuejs

Then you just need to import it has a normal vuejs component

import SkeletonCard from 'skeleton-card-vuejs'

It provides a customisable skeleton card to be display as feedback while loading a content

It needs Veutify in order to work, you can find more about it:

If you want to know more, you can read the medium article about it:


The compononent's shape can be customise using the following props:

hasHeader: Boolean

If true the header with the avatar is displayed

hasMedia: Boolean

If true the media is displayed

hasText: Boolean

If true the thext is displayed

hasActions: Boolean

If true the actions are displayed after the content

lines: Int

The number of text linest to be showed

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