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Printing packages for OpenWrt

This is a package feed aiming at providing a complete printing stack for OpenWrt.

Notably it has:

  • Ghostscript 9.06
  • Gutenprint 5.2.9
  • Cups 1.6.3
  • OpenPrinting's cups-filters 1.0.37
  • poppler 0.24.1
  • many other packages to make sure the ones above work...

To use this feed,

src-git printing git://
  • to compile everything in this feed you should use the script or some variation of those commands.

  • copy compiled packages to your router (copy the whole directory as you need the files used to index the packages)

scp -r ./bin/$ARCH/packages root@openwrt.lan:/storage/printer/packages/
  • add local package source to the opkg configuration /etc/opkg.conf with
src/gz printing file:/storage/printer/packages
  • see to see a suggestion of what to install.

  • tested against Attitude Adjustment (because that is what I have installed...).

  • Avahi is notified of printers added to Cups, and these will appear as Air Printer's in iOS devices.

Issues / Missing / TODO

Caveat: Ghostscript lacks proper cross-compilation support. I used a patch taken from If your architecture is not there, compiling it just won't work for you.

The alternative for those who can't compile Ghostscript is to use a different PDF backend, in this case Poppler. For instructions of how to do this open the tar-ball of the cups-filters-*.tar.bz2 and check the section 1. Selection of the renderer: Ghostscript, Poppler, or Adobe Reader of the README.