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PHP translation class database-driven. It works in a similar fashion to gettext, just with a database storage and few slick features.

##Main features:

  • Easy to use.

  • Just code without worries, the sentences will be automatically added.

  • Secure. It is properly based on PDO, so you don't need to worry about injections.

  • Lightweight. This project (class.translatedb.php) is 1.8 KB so far. Last time I checked, gettext was 14.4 MB.

  • DRY (Don't repeat yourself). This is a biggie in the design. You have to type something only ONCE, no matter what.

  • Has production and development states, being the first one more optimized for speed and the second one more flexible.


  • It's not completely error-safe. The proper table and proper fields should already exist (see "Requisites" below).

  • So far, you need other tool to translate to other languages (like phpMyAdmin).


  • PHP 5.3+

  • MySQL

  • A database with a table named "translations" containing, at least, these columns: "id" (varchar(200)) and "en" (bigtext).


  • Copy the file somewhere in your filesystem.

  • Include it at the beginning of your code in every page.

  • Put your PDO object and the user's language (or your page's one) string in: $_ = new Translate($DB, $Language);

  • Use it. While writing code, just write this where you'd normally write some text: echo $_("TranslateDB is working!");

  • Check it out. It should print "TranslateDB is working!" in your browser and add a new row in your table with the same text as keyword and English text.


  • This class is not XSS safe (that's not the responsability of it). This should be handled afterwards if needed.

  • I assume you are working in English and then translating to other languages. Change the prepare statement in the method "add" if this is not the case.