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Google AI Contest - Autumn 2010

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Planet Wars is a game based on Galcon, but is designed to be a simpler target for bots. The contest version of the game is for two players. A game of Planet Wars takes place on a map which contains several planets, each of which has some number of ships on it. Each planet may have a different number of ships. The planets may belong to one of three different owners: you, your opponent, or neutral. The game has a certain maximum number of turns. At the time of this writing, the maximum number of turns on the official server is 200, but it is not yet a part of the specification. Provided that neither player performs an invalid action, the player with the most ships at the end of the game wins. The game may also end earlier if one of the players loses all his ships, in which case the player that has ships remaining wins instantly. If both players have the same number of ships when the game ends, it’s a draw.

This bot was ranked amongst the top 10%.


Google AI Contest - Autumn 2010



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