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Welcome to the RTKLIB_Touchscreen_GUI wiki !

It's still under construction....

Release info :

Release V1.0

  • -GUI and easy access to RTKlib
  • -Works with UBLOX GNSS modules (tested with M8T)
  • -Run under RaspberryPi : need to build from source

Release v1.1

The real first release of RTKBASE GUI with RTKlib 2.4.2p11 for a raspberry Pi 2

  • 6 Presets for rover mode

  • A Base mode with input/output configuration

  • Build script autolaunch and splash screen at boot

    Release v1.2

  • Same as v1.1 with latest stable RTKlib 2.4.2p12.

    Master branch

  • added data logging from the GNSS for post processing, just choose file in output of the basestation and it's done

  • added save position option, you are able to save X points ypu want to record with choosen timing

  • added 8 custom configuration files to the original preset

  • added you can edit edit most of the RTKlib parameter with the gui for the 8 custom config

  • added display of system and GNSS time and date in solution status windows

  • added Push button to set PI system date and time with GPS date and time

  • issue : return button in edit interface may freeze the software sometimes, allway lauch a configuration after you edited one then stop to avoid that

Works with a Pié and Pi3


- I Installation

  • 1.) Create the static library:
  • 2.) and .pro project
  • 3.) File access Rights

- II Assembly and wiring

- III. ROVER mode

- IV BASE mode

- V Configuration files

Preliminary information:

  • This project was requested at the ENSG (French geography high school) with the objective of achieving a positioning system in real-time at low cost. The system is based on RTKLIB. It is expected beforewhile for UNIX systems and formatted to best suit a Raspberry Pi2 equipped with a touch screen.All calculation results are from RTKLIB functions and thus their accuracy is directly related.

This GUI program is intended only to give a easy access to a RTKlib Base/Rover System on the ground for a user on a UNIX OS. The software is built around Rtkrcv and Str2str two applications "CUI" of RTKLIB.

This software is initially built to run under Rapsberry with a touchscreen, without a keyboard or mouse.

You have to edit the UBX files to suit you configuration (RF link, Ntrip user andGNSS stream .

  • Note 1: At this stage the needs of the sponsor have yet to be evaluated through testing "in charge"rover/base that it will perform. Returns will adapt better to the GUI "Proven" needs. The changes will focus on the data to display the data to save in the point file, and on the basis of the method configuration options menu.
  • Note 2: It remains to operate the Base mode beyond the only radio connection (functional), and understand the intricacies of str2str (Rtklib). These subtleties are on the command line allowing the transfer of the position of the base to the rover via radio.
  • Note 3: The version used here is RTKLIB RTKLIB 2.4.2.p11, it can be updated to the latest version, just place the latest sources files of RTKlib in the lib folder before recompiling in Qtcreator
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