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1 Installation

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  • Install a working raspbian image on the Raspberry pi

To install system on a raspberry pi 2 with the touchscreen you can download a raspian image with all the touchscreen drivers, Qt4 and all compilation dependencies preinstalled here :

You can also download these Pré-installed image of RTKbase, RPI2 contain a master version (june 2016) with autoload and custom splash screen, the version for RPI3 contains Raspbian Jessie with drivers and the Beta version(august 2017)

For raspberry PI 2

For raspberry PI 3

RPI2 iso image was based on this original image with only the library for the touchscreen:

Create a bootable SD card with the downloaded disk image, you can use Rufus for that :

o Enable serial port(disable the serial console) use raspi-config to enable serial port , go to advanced , then go to serial port, choose no


o Expand Filesystem to entire SD-Card:

sudo raspi-config

Select expand Filesystems and go, choose reboot on the next menu.

  • Copy RTKBASE on your raspberry

Open the terminal and clone the repository:

git clone

You can build the software with graphic interface (I) or terminal (II)

I Building with Qt

  • 1.) Create the static library: From a terminal (in the lib folder) run :

chmod +x


The file librtk.appear if the construction of the library was carried out optimally. The file must rtklib.hremain at the same level as librtk.a.

  • 2.) Compile .pro files and project:

o Compiling with Qt4: -Launch the .pro file. Make a "clean all" then "run qmake" then "Build All" then "run". The RTKBASE interface must embark. Otherwise, go to 3.);

II Building with terminal and build script

-Go to the RTKBASE directory:

cd RTKLIB_Touchscreen_GUI/RTKBASE/

in the RTKBASE folder enter the following command to compile RTKBASE : `


Now you can run the software by typing in the terminal : ./RTKBASE

Autostart RTKBASE at boot :

Very simple but many method to do it :

  1. Add software to rc.local Run : sed -i -e '$i \cd /home/pi/RTKLIB_Touchscreen_GUI/RTKBASE/ && RTKBASE\n' rc.local

  2. Use system root LXDE autostart : Run : sudo nano /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart Add this :

@/home/pi/RTKLIB_Touchscreen_GUI/RTKBASE/ @RTKBASE 3) Use user LXDE autostart : Run : nano ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE/autostart Add this :

@/home/pi/RTKLIB_Touchscreen_GUI/RTKBASE/ @RTKBASE 4) Add desktop entry to user config : Run : nano ~/.config/autostart/rtkbase Copy paste entry below :

[Desktop Entry] Name=RTKBASE Type=Application Comment=RTKLIB Touchscreen : graphic interface to use GNSS. Exec=/home/pi/RTKLIB_Touchscreen_GUI/RTKBASE/RTKBASE Make it executable : chmod +x ~/.config/autostart/rtkbase

Best way for me is option 4 because I do not use LXDE

Source : and Kikislater

Add a custom splash screen at boot

Install fbi

sudo apt-get install fbi

Copy the splash image splash.png from /Splashscreen to /etc/
Copy the asplashscreen file in /Splashscreen to /etc/init.d/ Make the script executable and install it for init mode:

sudo chmod a+x /etc/init.d/asplashscreen sudo insserv /etc/init.d/asplashscreen

To remove text message edit /boot/cmdline.txt change console=tty1 to console=tty3 and add loglevel=3 at the end of file

Based on these tutos:

Note :
Warning: Raspberry does not maintain an updated clock! Copying new filescompile may result in error because the Raspberry notes file change schedules in the future ... Check the time, adjust, via GPS or internet (automatic)!

  • Conf files: Some configuration files "type" are included in the source code folder. They are at used to launch the "Rover" mode.

  • Note that:

  1. ) To perform the "NTRIP caster" must use "static";
  2. ) For the calculation on phase L1 must be used "kinematic";
  3. ) For differential on the code use the "dgps" mode.


sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev

sudo apt-get install libqt4-core

sudo apt-get install libqt4-gui

sudo apt-get install libqt4-xml

sudo apt-get install libqt4-opengl

sudo apt-get upgrade

git clone

cd RTKLIB_Touchscreen_GUI/RTKBASE/

chmod u+x



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