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ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest
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ACM-ICPC Regional ICPC LATAM 2018 Dec 20, 2018
ICPC Live Archive
code jam/2018/Qualification Round


What is this?

A repository along whit a WIKI for students interested in ICPC or simply competitive programming

Post your solutions, libraries, guides, tutorials, or anything you think is helpful.

I publish here my accepted submissions to ACM ICPC training and related sites with competitive programming

Getting started

  1. Read the WIKI, anyone can edit the wiki
  2. In the folders above you can find solved problems of different online judges (wiki)
  3. Also you can find books and algorithms that we have found useful in contests
  4. And most important, you can help adding to this repository your algorithms, books, tips, or your own solutions for any problem in any judge that is not already in the repository


  • You will have to fork it and send a pull request.
  • If you have no idea what any of that means, read through the tutorials at
  • Bonus points if you explain how you solved the problem

How to use it?

There are some folders in this repository, most of them are solutions of different judges, the name of the folder is the name of the judge.
Currently, the judges for which we have solutions are:

'#' Our Solutions Website
1 RPC - Mexico and Central America RedProgramacionCompetitiva
2 COJ (Caribbean Online Judge)
3 Codeforces
4 SPOJ (Sphere Online Judge)
5 Code Jam
6 ICPC Live Archive
7 UVa

You can train by yourself in all the sites mentioned before.
Also here you can find a lot of information and theory of different resources that you can use freedom.
It's important the practice, but also the theory.

--> Resources <--

Here you can find some books, algorithms, notes, and theory in general that you can use to prepare yourself for the ACM-ICPC. You can have all the print documents that you want in a contest, so you're allowed to print all the material that you found useful here and use for your training or in the contests, is up to you.

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