MIRO code to model Faraday Rotation in simulated clusters/filaments
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MIRO code to model Faraday Rotation in simulated clusters/filaments, both in IDL and GDL version ;.... ;...derived from Bonafede, Vazza et al. 2013 MNRAS

;....miro.pro -> basic IDL(v8.6.0) version of MIRO for simple simulations of Farday Rotation Measure

;....miro_gdl.pro -> GDL (v0.9.6) version of MIRO - slightly modified version to cope with missing IDL libraries

;...needs/needs_gdl.pro -> necessary auxiliary files for compilations and routines

Main features:

  • 3D magnetic fields with divB=0 and input power spectra, components drawn from the Rayleigh distribution, with adjustable input power spectrum (tunable spectral slope and max/min scales).
  • gas density field from Beta model, with adjustable cluster parameters (core radius, core density...)
  • possibility of adding a simple cylindrical filament model
  • possibility of adding a random distribution of gas substructures (e.g. spherical clumps)
  • RM map making and comparison of profiles with the COMA profile


(IDL) .r needs

.r needs

.r miro


.r needs_gdl

.r needs_gdl

.r miro_gdl

Calling sequence:


Adjustable parameters:

  • dir_out='' ;...folder for outputs
  • res=10 ;...cell resolution in kpc
  • n0=128 ;..grid size
  • kin=3 ;...minimum k for the power-law [0:n0*0.5-1]
  • kmax=(n00.5)-1 ;...maximum k (n00.5-1 is the Nyquist frequency)
  • seed=systime(1) ;..random seed number
  • alphak=1.6666 ;...spectral index for 1D power specrtra (1.666 is for kolmogorov)
  • bmean=2 ;...[muG] wanted normalisation of the rms B-field within the volume
  • ncentre=3.3e-3 ;...[part/cm^3] particle density in the cluster core
  • rc=290 ;...[kpc] core radius of cluster
  • name="test" ;...identifier for this run
  • alphaB=0.666 ;...assumed exponent of the B(n) \propto n^alfaB scaling
  • nclump=0 ;..number of clumps (randomly distributed
  • rc_fila=0 ;...[kpc] core radius of filament
  • nc_fila=0.1*ncentre ;...[part/cm^3] central density of filament
  • write_disk=0,1 ;...enables the writing of a 4 x n0^3 binary dataset at the end of the run

Main outputs:

  • .eps file with various B-field statistics (profile, spectra and PDF)
  • .eps file with radial RM profile from model vs observed data for Coma
  • .fits file with projected maps of gas density, magnetic field and RM
  • .bin file with the 3D values of density, Bx, By, Bz for all simulated cells (optional)

CPU Time

On a Macbook Pro the basic run including the generation of a 3D magnetic field for a Beta-model (without filaments or clumps), requires a CPU time of T=12.1[s]*(n0/128)^3. (IDL version)

The code is not particularly well optimized.

Further speedup may be possible with CPU,TPOOL_NTHREADS