A docker compose yml, which you can use to start a running horde5 environment
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A docker compose yml, which you can use to start a container with a running horde5 environment This container is designed for interactive development and testing of libraries both from upstream and from custom projects.

You can run the command: docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up

Now you should be able to access the container with:

docker exec -it hordeOnTumbelweed_php_1 /bin/bash

Also you should be able to see the Horde environment via your browser on http://loacalhost

To set up the database:

docker exec -it hordeOnTumbelweed_db_1 mysql -p -e "create database horde; grant all on horde.* to 'horde'@'%' identified by 'horde'";

docker exec -it hordeOnTumbelweed_php_1 chown wwwrun:www -R /srv/git/horde/base/config

Use the frontend for building the new configuration: Go to the gear symbol select Administration->Configuration and then select the configuration for Horde.

Click on the database tab. Add the following settings:

SQL Database Settings:

$conf['sql']['phptype'] = MySQL/PDO $conf['sql']['username'] = horde $conf['sql']['password'] = horde $conf['sql']['protocol'] = TCP/IP $conf['sql']['hostspec'] = hordeOnTumbelweed_db_1 $conf['sql']['port'] = 3306 $conf['sql']['database'] = horde $conf['sql']['charset'] = utf-8 $conf['sql']['ssl'] = No $conf['sql']['splitread'] = Disabled $conf['sql']['logqueries'] = no checkmark

Save the settings. To finish the database setup run: docker exec -it hordeOnTumbelweed_php_1 /srv/git/horde/base/bin/horde-db-migrate