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Copyright (c) 2018 Dan Salvato LLC

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE.


FrankerFaceZ uses node.js to manage development dependencies and to run an HTTP server for development. To get everything you need:

  1. Install node.js and npm
  2. Run npm install within the FrankerFaceZ directory.

From there, you can use npm to build FrankerFaceZ from source simply by running npm run build. For development, you can instruct webpack to watch the source files for changes and re-build automatically with npm start

FrankerFaceZ comes with a local development server that listens on port 8000 and it serves up local development copies of files, falling back to the CDN when a local copy of a file isn't present.

Note: The local development server uses webpack-dev-server internally, which self-signs a certificate for hosting content via HTTPS. You will need to ensure your browser accepts a self-signed certificate for localhost.

To make FrankerFaceZ load from your local development server, you must set the local storage variable ffzDebugMode to true. Just run the following in your console on Twitch: localStorage.ffzDebugMode = true;

It should be noted that this project is not a browser extension that you would load in your browser's extensions system. You still need the FrankerFaceZ extension or user-script for your browser.

You can edit the project's icon font using the npm run font command. This will create a new Fontello session, if one doesn't already exist, and open your default web browser to Fontello so you can edit the font.

If you're running the development server with npm start, you'll be able to automatically save changes to the Fontello font by clicking Fontello's Export button. Otherwise, you can use npm run font:save to download the changes from your session.

Editor Settings

Please make sure that your editor is configured to use tabs rather than spaces for indentation and that lines are ended with \n. It's recommended that you configure linting support for your editor as well.

If you're using Visual Studio Code, make sure to install the ESLint extension and add the following to your workspace settings:

	"eslint.validate": [


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