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Copyright (c) 2016 Dan Salvato LLC

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE.


FrankerFaceZ uses node.js to manage development dependencies and to run an HTTP server for development. To get everything you need:

  1. Install node.js
  2. Run npm install -g gulp to install the gulp command line utility.
  3. Run npm install within the FrankerFaceZ directory.

From there, you can use gulp to build the extension from source simply by running gulp. For development, you can instruct gulp to watch the source files for changes and re-build automatically with gulp watch

FrankerFaceZ comes with a local development server that listens on port 8000 and it serves up local development copies of files, falling back to the CDN when a local copy of a file isn't present. To start the server, run gulp server

For convenience, the server is run automatically along with gulp watch

Use the command /ffz developer_mode on or /ffz developer_mode off in Twitch chat to toggle developer mode on or off. You must then refresh the page for changes to take effect. If FFZ is not working or the command otherwise fails to work, you can open the JavaScript console on and run localStorage.ffzDebugMode = true; or localStorage.ffzDebugMode = false; to enable or disable the feature.