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Solutions to Project Euler problems using Haskell
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Haskell solutions to Project Euler problems

This repository uses Cabal for building and testing.

Installing Haskell setup

Glasgow Haskell Compiler

Install a recent version of Glasgow Haskell Compiler.

The preferred method is to install the Haskell Platform.


Even if you already have Cabal, you should make sure to have the latest version.

$ cabal update
$ cabal install cabal-install


Set up your PATH, e.g., append to .bash_profile.

$ export PATH="$HOME/Library/Haskell/bin:$PATH"

Building and running the Project Euler project

Configure and install dependencies

$ cabal configure --enable-tests

You may need to install dependencies, e.g.,

$ cabal install HUnit
$ cabal install QuickCheck
$ cabal install test-framework
$ cabal install test-framework-hunit
$ cabal install test-framework-quickcheck2
$ cabal install test-framework-th

Build and test

We are using test-framework for testing, wrapping around the QuickCheck and HUnit frameworks.

Also, we use test-framework-th, a nice wrapper using Template Haskell to simplify the writing of test cases.

$ cabal build && cabal test


Run the sample executable:

$ dist/build/answer1/answer1

View the Haddock documentation

To illustrate the Haddock documentation system, some annotations have been added to the code.

$ cabal haddock

Open up dist/doc/html/project-euler-haskell/index.html in your Web browser to view the generated documentation.

More documentation

Use Hoogle to search for stuff.

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