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About Me and the Book

Željko Filipin\

Hi, my name is Željko Filipin. I am a software tester, the Watir community manager and host of the Watir Podcast. I am also one of the organizers of viaqa conference on software testing.

This is a book on Watir. It is not finished. I am working on it.

The source (markdown) will always be free at Also, The latest free version of the book is available for free as PDF, EPUB (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and MOBI (Kindle) file at

The full version of the book in PDF, EPUB and MOBI format is $9.

If you think there needs to be a book on Watir and I am the right person to write it, feel free to buy the book now. You will get all updates to the book for free. I promise I will not take the money, spend it on beer and never write the book. :)

If the book is not finished in the near future, I will return the money. Also, if you buy the book and you do not like it, I will return the money.

If you like the idea, but do not have $9, feel free to send any amount to zeljko.filipin at via Paypal. You can also donate to the book via Flattr. Any amount is appreciated.

You can discuss the book at Anybody can suggest book format (currently PDF, EPUB and MOBI, but almost anything is possible) and which chapter to write next. Of course, if you buy the book and then suggest a format/chapter, your vote will count more.