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1.Command (string or integer, see IPCNode.commands)
2.Table of all used remote (e.g. owned by sender) objects.
Key = id
Value: type or [type,properties] (type being one of IPCNode.objectTypes)
Should call release on any not used.
4+.Arguments all marshalled objects
Marshalled values:
null, undefined, string, number, boolean -> stay the same
Array -> array with same rules applied
Object/function ->
Global -> {}
Object on receiving side: -> {t:IPCNode.objectSource.local,i:(id)}
Object on sending side: -> {t:IPCNode.objectSource.marshalled,i:(id)} //Should be in marshalled objects table!
Object properties:
Table with property -> marshalled value. If marshalled value
_localObjects table contains following objects:
id: id, //Key in _localObjects
refCount: number,
object: actual object //where object will also get a new properties __ipc_id_(IPCNode id) pointing back to that id.
_remoteObjects table contains following objects:
id: id, //Key in _remoteObjects table
refCount: number, //Number of internal references
externalRefCount: number, //Number of external references (To protect from IPCNode.release to mess up internal references)
usedBy: {}, //Remote used by this object, id -> key, _remoteObjects entry -> value
uses: {}, //Remote objects this object uses, id -> key, _remoteObjects entry -> value
usedLocals: {} //Local objects this object uses (and keeps a reference on!) id -> key, _localObjects entry -> value
hasProperties: false, //Has it had properties applied already?
hasRequested: false, //Have we already requested properties?
type: "f" or "o"
stub: local representation of object,
isReady: boolean, //Is this object ready to be used? e.g. are all objects properly referenced?
readyCallbacks: array
Stub objects contain:
__ipc_owner: owner IPC document
__ipc_object: item in remoteObjects table (see above)
IPCNode._isRemoteObjectReady=function(remoteObject,presumeReady) {
if (typeof(presumeReady)==="object" && presumeReady[])
return true;
if (remoteObject.isReady)
return true;
if (typeof(properties)!=="object")
return false;
var queue=[];
for (var key in
var ret=true;
while (ret && queue.length>0) {
var current=q.pop();
if (typeof(current)==="function" || typeof(current)==="object")
if (Array.isArray(current)) {
current.forEach(function(x) { queue.push(x); });
if (typeof(current.__ipc_owner)!=="object")
if (!this._isRemoteObjectReady(current.__ipc_object,presumeReady))
delete presumeReady[];
return ret;
When to actually release a remote object ?
refCount == 0?
for all objects in usedBy table:
can this be released (given that this object will be released?)
if (all yes)
release object, and for all also remote objects in properties, remove self from usedBy.
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