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Check on primary key field when inserting object

Since we assume an identity column anyway (we check for @@IDENTITY after insert)
let's assume that the identity column is the same as the primary key. If I insert 
a POCO the primary key column is there and thus the column is added to
the SQL insert statement. Proposed change filters the primary key column out from
the list of properties.
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1 parent 32b0dee commit 9f162abd704cef60ec6682c63400af64b5be61c1 Richard de Zwart committed Nov 23, 2012
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2 Massive.cs
@@ -427,7 +427,7 @@ private dynamic BuildPagedResult(string sql = "", string primaryKeyField = "", s
var stub = "INSERT INTO {0} ({1}) \r\n VALUES ({2})";
result = CreateCommand(stub, null);
int counter = 0;
- foreach (var item in settings) {
+ foreach (var item in settings.Where(s => s.Key != PrimaryKeyField))
sbKeys.AppendFormat("{0},", item.Key);
sbVals.AppendFormat("@{0},", counter.ToString());

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