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Wall of Red and Green #189

CreepyGnome opened this Issue · 1 comment

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As I reported previously this is your repo's issue not those who are issuing PR's. I reported this previously in issue 182.


You need to add a .gitattribute file that will normilze the LF's. then check in all the changes it will make to normalize them. From this point forward git will respect the .gitattribute file and continue to keep them normalized so the wall of red and green related to LF's will not happen again.

You asked me to submit the fix, and I did warning that it will be a wall of red and green but you didn't want to accept it. So if you need to do it yourself, or you will hardly ever get PR that doesn't have this issue.

I have stopped using your repo and submitting PR's to you because of this issue. Others have as well and more will continue to.

Please fix your repo and add a .gitattribute file with a text=auto in it. If you use the GitHub app it can generate this file for you with that and many other common recommended settings.


Yep. Done.

Y U NO PR this?


@robconery robconery closed this
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