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Hey Rob,
Love the work so far, but I think with dynamic its hard enough getting the spelling correct let alone the case defined in the database, so I did a little hacking and came up with a solution. It is adding a new class that is basically mimicking ExpandoObject but you can't inherit from expandoObject so I had no choice.
Let me know what you think.


robconery commented Feb 28, 2011

Hi... yah I don't think I want to mirror ExpandoObject. Help with with the casing issue - is it the casing of the properties coming out of the db? Or...?

schotime commented Mar 1, 2011

Yeh, the properties coming out of the db. Especially for legacy dbs. You could also add convention naming using the new object, eg. db columns msg_id => MsgId etc.

How did you do that eblackburn? Got some code?

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