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Add missing using statement to reader #150

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Thanks for this - have you tested it to be sure it works? I seem to recall it clipping the connection?


It should not clip the connection if you are seeing clipping in this call with the using it shouldn't be caused by the using itself and would be exposing a bug else. However you are doing the same thing yourself already in the other Query override that takes a connection.

I also have addressed this myself and haven't noticed any issues with clipping yet. I submitted the same fix for all files, that also included fixes for two NullReferenceException in the Validates methods.


Commented on other thread - I need something more concrete here. The reader is in the scope of the connection and when it dies, so does the reader. This, to me, seems like overkill and not needed.

If you've seen something different, I'm happy to re-open.

@robconery robconery closed this
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Commits on Aug 10, 2012
  1. @davidsavagejr
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  1. +6 −3 Massive.cs
9 Massive.cs
@@ -195,9 +195,12 @@ public class DynamicModel : DynamicObject {
/// </summary>
public virtual IEnumerable<dynamic> Query(string sql, params object[] args) {
using (var conn = OpenConnection()) {
- var rdr = CreateCommand(sql, conn, args).ExecuteReader();
- while (rdr.Read()) {
- yield return rdr.RecordToExpando(); ;
+ using (var rdr = CreateCommand(sql, conn, args).ExecuteReader())
+ {
+ while (rdr.Read())
+ {
+ yield return rdr.RecordToExpando(); ;
+ }
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