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IParse: an interpreting parser written in C++
C++ C
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IParse is an interpreting parser, meaning that it reads a grammar and interpret this to parse another file. It also uses a parsing driven scanner approach, where the parser calls the scanner to see if a certain type of scanner symbol is found on the input. A number of scanners are provided, including a raw scanner, which gives access to the raw input. The grammar allows definition of character ranges and white space terminals, thus allowing a scanner to be specified in the grammar.

Several parsing algorithms are provided and can be selected from the command line. The default parsing algorithm is a back-tracking parser, which uses memorization, resulting in a good overall performance.

IParse has a proven track record in many application (including a commercial application), but it should be noted that some parts are still under construction, such as the LL1HeapColourParser. The ParParser, an experimental parallel parser, has poor performance.

Also RcTransl, an tool for language translation between Windows resource files, is still under development.


On Linux just compile all_IParse.cpp, which includes all source files, with g++ into IParse executable.

On Windows use A Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition with IParse.sln file.

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