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Unfortunately, this driver only works with the original Xbox One controller for some reason, so I've moved all of my code to a more robust driver that supports later Xbox One controllers in addition to 3rd party controllers. Check it out! If you need help with Xbox One controller related issues, I'm always watching that repository for stuff that I can help out with.

Current Release: 1.0.4 (June. 20, 2015)

NOTE: If you want to use the driver without access to the source code, check the releases page.


Install on OS X 10.9+

  • Run the installer located on the releases page.
  • Reboot
  • Plug the controller in, without powering it on, and it should light up.
  • Enjoy!

I don't recommend leaving batteries in the controller while using it wired for extended periods of time. This could potentially cause wear on the batteries that is best avoided.

This is a kext and preference pane that allows users to use the Xbox One controller with their OS X computer. Because the Xbox One controller does not identify as a Human Interface Device, and requires custom startup code, a custom driver had to be made.


There is an uninstaller included in the download. If you do not have the original version of your driver, download a new one. When you open the downloaded file, the uninstall.command will be located in the top left of the new window that opens. Simply run it, and it will take care of the rest!


My controller isn't recognized / The lights just flash

Check and make sure your controller shows up here:

Yosemite kext signature alert

Yosemite kext signature alert

My controller is in that menu, but has a different Product and or Vendor ID

If it is a Microsoft controller, post your Product and Vendor IDs in an issue, and I'll look into it. If you are using a third party controller, uninstall my driver and use this driver instead.

My controller is in that menu, but it still doesn't work.

First, make sure you have the latest version of the driver. If you are: check for any sort of errors that the driver may mention, and make sure to post any of it in an issue.

I don't see an object called Controller in that menu

This is likely caused by using a "charge" micro USB cable. You must use a "data" cable to use an Xbox One controller. Try a different wire until you see Controller in this menu.


  • Performs custom startup and handles all buttons on the controller
  • Customizable deadzones for both sticks and triggers
  • Invert X and Y for each stick individually
  • Preference pane allows you to see your controller in action
  • New awesome graphics, thanks to k1down
  • Signed

Support List:

  • Most games that support a 360 controller. Create an issue if a game works with the 360, but not the Xbox One controller.
  • DDHidLib (Ex. OpenEmu)
  • Steamworks Controller API (Steam Big Picture, and other Steam games that implement the API)

Future Features

  • Force Feedback (Rumble)
  • Recognize controller as GCController
  • Change controller input to keyboard input (setting) so as to support unsupported games
  • Compatibility with games not using Steamworks API
  • Wireless will work with the future release of the controller dongle.

Developer Notes

Yosemite Kext Signatures

OS X Yosemite introduced a new security feature requiring all kernel extensions to be signed by a certificate with a new custom extension (OID 1.2.840.113635. that designates it as a kext-signing certificate. On reboot, unsigned kexts or those with invalid signatures will be left unloaded and the system will alert the user via a warning. Yosemite kext signature alert

Those hoping to build and run the kext from source, have a couple of options.

Disable Signature Checking

A kext developer mode can be enabled to allow invalid signatures. This is a global setting and will disable kext signature checking for the entire system! To enable the mode, run the following and reboot:

$ sudo nvram boot-args=kext-dev-mode=1

To revert to the system default setting of disallowing invalid kext signatures, run the following and reboot:

$ sudo nvram -d boot-args
Request A Kext-Signing Cert

If enrolled in the Mac Developer Program, one can request the special certificate on the Apple Developer page Requesting a Developer ID Certificate for Signing Kexts - it is worth noting that the certificate is intended for those needing to sign a kext that is commercially shipped or broadly distributed through a large organization.

Kext Loading

Kernel extensions are loaded on demand and if the controller does not light up when attached, one could check if the kext is loaded - the kext's status should be displayed if loaded via:

$ kextstat | grep Xone

Though generally unnecessary, the kext can be manually loaded as well:

$ sudo kextutil -t /Library/Extensions/Xone\ Driver.kext


  • There doesn't appear to be any documentation as to how to implement a KEXT so that the controller is recognized as a GCController, so currently it is not.
  • I couldn't quite grasp how to convert the D-pad Data (4 consecutive bits with 0 for unpressed and 1 for currently pressed) into a proper HID implementation.
  • I'm looking into updates to the TattieBogle driver that make rumble implementation clearer.
  • The xbox button is handled in a separate packet, which means that it has to be different from the Xbox 360 implementation.

Button Layout

HID Button Number Controller Button Name
1 A
2 B
3 X
4 Y
5 Left Bumper
6 Right Bumper
7 Left Stick Click
8 Right Stick Click
9 Menu (Start)
10 View (Back)
11 Guide (Xbox) on 360
12 D-pad Up
13 D-pad Down
14 D-pad Left
15 D-pad Right
16 Xbox (Guide) on Xone
Axis ID Axis on Controller
X Left Stick X
Y Left Stick Y
Z Left Trigger
Rx Right Stick X
Ry Right Stick Y
Rz Right Trigger

OLDBIND Button Layout to use with Unity

Default layout for the controller is identical to a 360 controller.

HID Button Number Controller Button Name
1 Menu (Start)
2 View (Back)
3 A
4 B
5 X
6 Y
7 D-Pad Up
8 D-Pad Down
9 D-Pad Left
10 D-Pad Right
11 Left Bumper
12 Right Bumper
13 Left Stick
14 Right Stick
Axis ID Axis on Controller
X Axis Left Trigger
Y Axis Right Trigger
3rd Axis Left Stick X
4th Axis Left Stick Y
5th Axis Right Stick X
6th Axis Right Stick Y


(Deprecated) A driver that allows users to use the Xbox One controller on the Mac OS X operating system.




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