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A bypass for SPIEGEL Plus LaterPay πŸ”‘
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SPIEGEL Plus LaterPay bypass

purpose: demonstration only license: MIT

πŸ“œ History

In April 2016 SPIEGEL ONLINE introduced SPIEGEL PLUS using LaterPay. These articles are encrypted and blurred and should only be visible and readable after registration and purchase.

However, in June 2016 I developed the first SPIEGEL Plus LaterPay bypass. Since it is still working (as of February 2018) I thought it would be worth being published πŸ˜‡.

⚠️ Only for demonstration purposes

This project is for demonstration purposes only!

πŸš€ Usage

No browser extension required, just download and open index.html with your favorite browser and go! 😎.

πŸ’‘ Technical aspects

Fortunately there is a predefined decryption function SPLaterpayCallbackHasAccess in the client JS code which is referenced in the <head> section:

<meta property="laterpay:connector:callbacks:on_user_has_access" content="SPLaterpayCallbackHasAccess">

By the way, they are using a Caesar cipher with a left shift of 1:

function () {
    var obfuscatedText =;
    var deobfuscatedText = "";
    for (var i = 0; i < obfuscatedText.length; i++)
        var charValue = obfuscatedText.charCodeAt(i);
        if (charValue == 177)
        else if (charValue > 33)
            deobfuscatedText += String.fromCharCode(charValue - 1);
    return deobfuscatedText;
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