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Join history from multiple git repositories into a single log
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Welcome to!

Join history from multiple git repositories into a single log


The following is required before using git commit in this project.

$ .git-hooks/

This will ensure the FrauBSD keyword is expanded/updated for each commit.


So you have multiple Git repositories that you work on. Let's say that you would like to view (in chronological order) a history of your work. There are tools such as Andrew Caudwell's excellent Gource.

Unfortunately, although Gource does support rendering logs produced directly from Git (using the below commands to generate your log):

    cd my-git-project
    git log > my-project.log
    gource my-project.log

Your currently stuck if you'd like to concurrently render multiple repositories.

Enter git_logjoin (this tool).

I whipped this up extremely fast (2 days) to solve the problem.

There's no C-code to edit, only shell.

How to use:

1. Modify to fit your needs. Primarily:

Change `LOGS=""` to contain appropriate repos:logfile entries
NOTE: Currently the shell script assumes all repos are local paths

2. [OPTIONAL] Install sysutils/pv from the ports tree (provides I/O feedback):

For current releases using PkgNG:

pkg add pv

For current releases using legacy pkg_tools:

pkg_add -r pv

For outdated releases using legacy pkg_tools:

env `PACKAGESITE=`uname -p`/packages-X.Y-release/Latest/ pkg_add -r pv`

# NOTE: replace X.Y with appropriate values # NOTE: First and second line join to form `FreeBSD-Archive'

Of course, you could always use the ports tree if you don't want a binary package.

3. Run ./

If all is said and done properly, the script will first acquire the logs for you and then combine them into a single log.

You then pass the combined-log to a tool like Gource.

4. Re-running

If you remove any of the log files that were previously acquired, simply re-run and it will generate new ones with the latest revision history. The process is designed to (once you have configured allow you to run the script each time you want an up-to-date log file to feed to gource.


The code could be optimized for code comments, slightly smaller memory footprint, and perhaps parallelization (though that would be tricky).

Designed to work on half-gigabyte sized log files from git

Untested with any format of git log other than the ones produced by:

git log --pretty=format:user:%aN%n%ct --reverse --raw \
            --encoding=UTF-8 --no-renames

This is the format required by gource.

Sample output

Below is a sample output from running `' without modification:

NOTE: sysutils/pv was installed before collecting the following output.

git_logjoin $ ./
>>> Building git_logjoin utility...
Warning: Object directory not changed from original /data/scratch/git_logjoin
cc -I. -I/data/scratch/git_logjoin -g -std=gnu99 -fstack-protector  -c string_m.c
cc -I. -I/data/scratch/git_logjoin -g -std=gnu99 -fstack-protector  -c git_logjoin.c
cc -I. -I/data/scratch/git_logjoin -g -std=gnu99 -fstack-protector   -o git_logjoin string_m.o git_logjoin.o 
>>> Git repository server: git@somehost
>>> Downloading `dir/repos1.git' History to `logs/repos1.log'...
19.5MB 0:00:14 [1.32MB/s] [              <=>                                   ]
>>> Downloading `dir/repos2.git' History to `logs/repos2.log'...
 168MB 0:01:54 [1.47MB/s] [              <=>                                   ]
>>> Combining logfiles into `logs/join_logs.log':
NOTE: Percentage expected to be slightly over 100% given changes
All logs opened successfully!
 188MB 0:15:42 [ 572kB/s] [===================================] 101%            

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