Fraudmarc Community Edition: Open-source DMARC report analysis designed for government agencies
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  • Built for government agencies
  • 100% Control of your data
  • 100% Open source
  • 100% Simple setup
  • 100% Scalable DMARC report processing
  • 99% Serverless ;)

Fraudmarc Community Edition 🔥 🔥 🔥

Fraudmarc CE is a secure and scalable system to analyze DMARC data. It is designed for government agencies that must adhere to strict data control policies.

Fraudmarc's DMARC service provides an easier way for businesses to manage email authentication.

Unlock your DMARC data

Discover all sources of email sent from your domain.


Powerful system architecture

Fraudmarc CE runs on AWS or AWS GovCloud plus a local Docker image.

  • Receive DMARC reports on AWS Simple Email Service
  • Use serverless Lambda functions to process the reports
  • Store the processed data in Aurora PostgreSQL, RDS PostgreSQL, or any other PostgreSQL DB
  • A local Docker image provides a web and backend server to view your DMARC data