a little java implementation of missing WebSocket form Android webview
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Android HTML5 WebSocket

A Java library that make the WebSocket object available for project that uses a WebView (like PhoneGap project's)

The iOS version of the plugin was already existant (http://github.com/remy/PhoneGap-Plugin-WebSocket) and works well for me, but the Adnroid version was missing. here it is.


  • copy the Java source into the source folder of your project.
  • copy websocket.js in your assets/www folder
  • copy / paste these two line inside the onCreate of your activity
   WebSocketFactory wsFactory = new WebSocketFactory(appView);
   appView.addJavascriptInterface(wsFactory, "WebSocketFactory");
  • in your javascript, create a new WebSocket, and overload its method 'onmessage', 'onopen', 'onerror', 'onclick';