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A plugin to spoof your MAC address in the System Information
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A plugin to spoof your MAC address in the System Information with advanced options

This was more of a fun project for me as hiding one's MAC doesn't make much sense anymore but was quite popular in the PSP days. This will not change your actual MAC address and doesn't spoof it system wide or in your Network obviously!


ref1 I still think plugins should have the ability to register their options to the HENkaku settings so we would have all plugin's options in one noobfriendly place.


  1. Add macspoofer.suprx to ur0:tai/config.txt under *NPXS10015 and *NPXS10016
  2. Reboot or reload tai config in HENkaku settings
  3. Adjust spoofing options under 'Security' Tab in the Settings App
  4. Profit!


  • Limited functionality for PSTV users as 'Security' tab doesn't exist.

Credits & Thanks

Team Molecule, TheOfficialFlow, SKGleba, Princess-of-Sleeping

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