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About this repository

This repository contains all bits and pieces I gather, created or modified in the process of writing my Bachelors thesis. This work is supervised by Martin Scharm, Dagmar Waltemath and Prof. Olaf Wolkenhauer It was graded with an 1.7 for thesis itself and 1.3 for the defense. Compiled PDFs of both are available as releases:

Structure of this Repository

  • tex/ contains all tex files and figures to compile the pdf form of this thesis
  • presentation/ contains the tex files and figures for my defense presentation. The LaTeX template was taken from Martin Scharm.
  • supplementary/contains additional material, like a meta graph or demo models
  • source/ contains a list of git submodules linking to the relevant source code projects, also contains build scripts
  • ba-scripts/ contains small helper scripts written in Python, which were created to ease some tasks
  • docear/ Docear project folder used in the early stage of this thesis. Mainly a large mindmap and literature references

Associated Repositories

The source code developed during this thesis is also published on Github. It can be either accessed directly or via the submodules in the source directory.


The written work in the tex folder is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The source code only written by me is licensed under the GPLv3, this does not apply to all code shipped in this repository. Therefore please always refer to the corresponding LICENSE file.


This repository is used to keep track of my bachelor thesis. It includes the tex and supplementary materials, as well as the developed sourcode as submodules




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