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Overview of Scientific Computing at Fred Hutch

Various groups support computational capacity at the Hutch. Center IT supports general computing tasks, such as email and desktop computer software; further information can be found on the Center IT pages in Centernet. This section of the Wiki represents information relating to research and scientific computing, which generally require additional software, hardware, and skills. If you have questions that aren't answered here, please email SciComp or ask a public question on The Coop's Slack Workspace in the question-and-answer channel.

We have a collection of detailed, how-to style documents in our Resource Library and our Scientific Computing-related public announcement archives can be found in our Announcements section.

Access and Credentials

This section includes a variety of information about accessing computing resources at the Fred Hutch, including managing credentials for services when required.

Data Storage

The Hutch, through Center IT and Scientific Computing, support a number of options for storing your data. The service you use to store your data will depend on the nature of the data and the anticipated use.

Software Development

Researchers at the Hutch use reproducible computational methods to perform research and share their findings with the broader community. These methods include writing computer code and producing software in various coding languages. This section describes some common languages and tools, as well as recommended best practices, for writing code.

Large Scale Computing

The Hutch supports both local compute clusters as well as cloud computing for researchers. This section describes available technology and how to use these resources.

Reference and Training

This section includes links to training opportunities, office hours, and community groups for computational support.