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Google added some restrictions to news app and I don't see how Flym (and other RSS aggregators) could comply to that. For instance, Flym cannot provide a "valid and verifiable contact information" for the feed, nor it can assure that "each of the sources must meet News policy requirements". That means that Google may refuse future Flym updates or even totally ban the app. In that conditions, I cannot assure that your contributions will be delivered.

Flym News Reader

Light and modern Android feed reader (Atom/RSS).

It is free/open-source software under the GPLv3 license. You're free to modify it as long as you respect the license and keep it open-source.

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Flym is now mainly developed by its community. If you would like to contribute, here is a list of potential things that you could do:

  • help developing features and bugfixes
  • help maintaining the issues list
  • help improving code quality (moving to MVVM, replacing Anko with ktx/coroutines, ...)
  • help translating on


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Via Bitcoin: 3DprwFMg5bXGz8QimyiaoEE7mmCkj2DGf5