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Collaborative Editing for Vim (One of Vim's most requested features) is finally here! Think Google Docs for Vim.

By: Fred Schott, Sam Haney
Follow @FredKSchott for development news and updates!

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  • Allows multiple users to connect to the same document online
  • Displays collaborators with uniquely colored cursors
  • Works with your existing configuration
  • Easy to set up & use
  • And More!


CoVim requires a version of Vim compiled with python 2.5+. Visit Troubleshooting if you're having trouble starting Vim. Also note that the Twisted & Argparse libraries can also be installed via apt-get & yum.

Install With Pathogen:

  1. pip install twisted argparse service_identity
  2. cd ~/.vim/bundle
  3. git clone git://

Install With Vundle:

  1. pip install twisted argparse service_identity
  2. Add Plugin 'FredKSchott/CoVim' to your ~/.vimrc
  3. vim +PluginInstall +qall

Install Manually:

  1. pip install twisted argparse service_identity
  2. Add CoVimClient.vim & to ~/.vim/plugin/

If Vim is having trouble finding modules (twisted, argparse, etc) do the following:

  1. run pip show MODULE_NAME and get the Location: path
  2. add the following line to your .vimrc: python import sys; sys.path.append("/module/location/path/") using the module path found in step 1.
  3. Repeat until all modules are included in your path

If you're still having trouble, visit the wiki for additional troubleshooting & FAQ


To start a new CoVim server: :CoVim start [port] [name] (or, from the command line: ./ [port])
To connect to a running server: :CoVim connect [host address / 'localhost'] [port] [name]
To disconnect: :CoVim disconnect
To quit Vim while CoVim is connected: :CoVim quit or :qall!


Add any the following to your .vimrc to customize CoVim:

let CoVim_default_name = "YOURNAME"
let CoVim_default_port = "YOURPORT"  


Announcement Post

Special Thanks

Tufts Professor Ming Chow for leading the Senior Capstone Project that CoVim was born in.


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