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New: Improved --stat Output


Thanks to @rajasegar, we now have Brotli & Gzip size info in our --stat output! With some new cleanup on top of that, this may become the new default output mode for Snowpack in a future version.

New: Plugin Suggestions


Thanks to @DangoDev's added Rollup plugin support in v1.4.0, we can now recommend plugins when one of your dependencies attempts to import a non-standard file type (like, for example, import 'styles.css').

New: WASM-Powered Parser

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 8 28 01 AM

Thanks to @alex-saunders for replacing our initial Babel-powered import scanner with the WASM-powered es-module-lexer for some pretty impressive speed improvements. Running Snowpack in production (with all optimizations turned on) on is now down from 24 seconds -> 16 seconds!

  • Replace babel parse with es-module-lexer (#208) fac12fc

Small Fixes