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A Semantic Versioning package for wren
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Wren SemVer

A package for constructing, comparing and matching Semantic Versions

This library uses Recto, a string manipulation library, which is included as a git submodule. Ironically, the whole point of this SemVer package is to aid creation of a Wren package manager, which will be used to include Recto, woah: confusing!

SemVer exposes two constructors:

  • version: creates a single semver version, like 2.3.4
  • matcher: creates a semver matcher, that can be used to test if a version is inside a range, like 2.x.x

Matchers and Versions can be compared using ==, !=, < <=, >=, & >=; and hopefully return what you'd expect from those comparisons


  • node style ~ & ^ matcher specifiers
  • trailing release tags
  • trailing +baz.quz build metadata
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