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This repo contains all of the challenges from r/dailyprogrammer and also scripts used to pull challenges from the subreddit 3 times per week and to cleanup directories & remove unnecessary posts.


  • Python 3
    • praw
    • pprint


$ pip3 install -r etc/requirements.txt

How to use

The script can also be run via the command line by running ./post-challenges.py <number_of_challenges> It will look for a copy of praw.ini, an example is in etc/praw.ini.example

You may wish to run this in a temporary directory, to avoid adding folders directly to the top directory of the repo. Move the various levels of challenges into their respective end points.

Example full run

$ cd DailyProgrammerChallenges
$ mkdir tmp
$ cp etc/praw.ini.example tmp/praw.ini
$ cd tmp
# Edit praw.ini with the correct info
$ ../post-challenges.py
# Take a look at what was downloaded for any 'problems'
$ mv *Easy* "Easy Challenges/."
$ mv *Intermediate* "Intermediate Challenges/."
$ mv *Hard* "Hard Challenges/."
$ cd ..
$ ./transform.py

Examine the changes that transform.py performed and check that they seem okay.

Challenges & Solutions

See a missing challenge & missing selftext? Want to add a solution to a challenge? See the CONTRIBUTING.md file for how to submit changes.

Creator: Freddie Vargus

Uses the MIT License

This project was inspired by LewisJohnson, whom I collaborated with on a similar repository.