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What is Angry Syrians ?


Angry Syrians is a parody version of Angry Birds. Instead of having birds you have bombs that you can send on Assad and his thugs. It was never meant to be a commercial game. Just a fun side project coded in less than 6 hours.

But Angry Syrians is not only about Syria. You could just replace the artwork and use it for whatever theme you want. After the

Dude, I need to turn this into a meme


I totally need to Storify this

it could just become

We need to Angrify this

Why Angry Syrians ?

How it started ...

It all started while chatting with a friend and seeing this meme. She challenged me to code it. And I accepted the challenge.

Motivation behind it

If you know me you probably noticed that I'm a hacktivist. I think the web can really make this world a better place. The revolution in Syria started over a year ago and every days hundreds die.

Countries don't believe the stakes are high enough to risk an intervention. So Assad is doing what he wants in Syria without anyone daring to make an intervention.

The topic has already been widely covered using social media but since it's lasting so long it isn't trending on Twitter anymore. People just got used to it and this is unacceptable.

You may ask how this project may help the Syrian cause. It's all about education. Whatever you'll be doing with this code keep in mind that it was originally designed made to educate people about what's going on in Syria.


This game will unfortunately never be up in the App Store for legal reasons. This means that it will never be going viral to end-users. On the other hand, this game could have a huge impact to developers. I'm providing a tool that makes it easy to make an Angry-Birds game. Take it from there and make something awesome !

For those who aren't familiar about iOS development, you won't be able to install this game for now. I may distribute a version in a private Cydia repository for jailbroken phones though later. I really wish I would distribute it in a "Single-Tap" installation like the App Store but Apple is very restrictive regarding this.

Technical Information

This game was build exclusively for the iPhone. It runs on the iPad though but isn't optimized yet. It was build using a graphics library called Cocos-2D. An Android port is difficult since the whole code is in Objective-C.

Next Steps

I would love writing a small "Get Started" software to turn anything in an Angry-Bird game. I would also love getting some decent artwork. I'm not an artist. I'm a programmer and the design of the game really sucks. By allowing anyone to make a Angry-Bird game I really hope the creative minds of this world will take over and build some awesome stuff with it.

I would also love improving the way the High Score is computed because it's really buggy right now.

I'm also open to any contributions on this project. All my code is copy-left so feel free to steal it (GPL v3).

// Note : Sorry about the PSDs, GIMP files next time, I promise

Like Jobs Picasso said

Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal


I would like to thank a few people that without knowing it are contributing to the success of this project.