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Sketch App to Skala Preview Resizer
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Crop Artboard for Sketch App + Skala

I've been using Sketch App for a few months now, I really love it. But since I'm working mostly on mobile the lack of compatibility with Skala Preview annoyed me.

If you don't know about Sketch App, read about it here in french or check the official website.

Today, Thibaut Ninove pointed out that he had a script that was exporting the Sketch App art boards to the clipboard. Unfortunately, there is a bug in Sketch App that exports them with a border of a random number of pixels (well, it's probably not random but I couldn't figure out the logic).

Since I love that app so much (and I'm not the only one out there), I created a complement app that fetches the newly exported artboards from SketchApp and that removes the frame so that it can be tried in Skala Preview.

Since I couldn't find how to measure the margin accurately, the app requires the user to set the margin size himself when he changes to an artboard that has a different size.

How to set up ?

The set up works occurs in two part.

You'll need to download : Crop

Set up a shortcut to export from SketchApp to the clipboard

Drag and drop the "Crop Artboard.sketchplugin" on the SketchApp icon.

Now when you hit "control+command+C", it will copy your art board to the clipboard.

Set up the resizer that fetches the clipboard content from SketchApp and that serves it to Skala.

Just open the Crop and you should be ready to go.


Everything is open-source (except Skala and Sketch App), feel free to customize it.

To change your keyboard shortcut, take a look at the Bohemian Coding Scripting Documentation

Special thanks

Thanks to Thibaut Ninove for the challenge and Yara for the mental support.

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