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DG Admin script for Call of Duty: MW3 dedicated server. Based on RGAdmin.
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"DGAdmin" - is a TeknoMW3 Dedicated server administrative plugin

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This project is licensed under GPLv3. Please see the LICENSE file.

Copyright © 2015-2017 F. Bernkastel (

Technologies used:
  • InfinityScript, Copyright © 2012 NTA
  • RGAdmin v1.05, Copyright © 2015 Lambder

Special thanks and acknowledgements

  • The TeknoMW3 team, especially...
  • Hans Krebs and Smurf for their work with Tekno and InfinityScript.
  • Lambder and his team for coding the base script
  • Musta for bugreports and testing
  • SAT creators for HWID offsets and AntiKnife
  • x86JMPSTREET (lelz)
  • HKClan for trying to give their help

DGAdmin was made to be a fast and lagless All-in-One plugin, collecting lots of features, previously possible only with separate scripts. Due modular structure, each feature can be easilly disabled to reduce CPU and RAM load.


Custom Ban system, based on GUID + HWID

ISNIPE - Support of iSnipe game type:

  • anti-plant
  • anti-hardscope
  • anti-knife
  • anti-close range throwing knife
  • anti-boltcancel
  • anti-falldamage

Custom chat aliases, and clantags

Custom team names/icons

Auto balance

DSR settings interface

possibility to override script settings through DSR


detect class unlockers

Server Title

Custom map & mode name in the servers browser.


Let players vote to kick hackers

XLR Stats

A players rating system

Advanced cdvar manager

Force client dvars


Prevent any player from connecting the server. Useful for 1v1 and clanwars.

Timed messages

Spree messages

Unlimited ammo

Alive players counter


DGAdmin got 119 ± 7 of chat commands.

From simple and fast to copmlex and powerful command syntaxes are supported.

Read the official documentation for advanced guidelines.

Compiling from sources:

Target platform is .NET Framework 4.0

InfinityScript version:

Used Visual Studio 2015

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