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πŸ“ˆ Truly realtime stock data. Streamed straight from Yahoo.
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Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Yahoo. This tool likely violates Yahoo Terms and Conditions by using non-public API's. Use only for personal use. I am not liable for misuse of this program or any effects it may have.

Super simple to use

LYQL is a tool for achieving truly realtime, free stock prices direct from Yahoo. LYQL is designed to be a simple, intuitive library solution that can be used both in the browser and on a server.

var LYQL = require('lyql');

var options = {
  "Stocks": ["GOOG", "AAPL", "JPYUSD=X"],
  // Price, Change, and Volume
  "Parameters": ["l84", "p43", "v53"]

var test = new LYQL(options, function(data){


Request Parameters

  • a00: Ask
  • a50: Ask Size
  • b00: Bid
  • b60: Bid Size
  • c10: Change
  • c63: Change Realtime
  • c64: Disputed Change Realtime After Hours
  • c85: Change Realtime After Hours
  • c86: Percent Change Realtime After Hours
  • g53: Day Low
  • h53: Day High
  • j10: Market Cap
  • l10: Price
  • l84: Price Realtime
  • l86: Price Realtime After Hours
  • p20: Percent Change
  • p43: Percent Change Realtime
  • p44: Percent Change Realtime After Hours
  • t53: Disputed Timestamp for Commodities
  • t54: Disputed Timestamp for Stocks
  • v53: Volume


npm install LYQL


new LYQL(options, function(data) {
  // ...

Creates an instance of LYQL that calls a given function whenever new data has been streamed from Yahoo.

options should be an object in the format

var options = {
  "Stocks": ["GOOG", "AAPL", "JPYUSD=X"],
  // Price, Change, and Volume
  "Parameters": ["l84", "p43", "v53"]

In order to start, stop, and restart LYQL instances, one of the following commands can be executed on an LYQL instance.


In order to add or remove a stock from a LYQL instance, one of the following commands can be executed.


In order to add or remove a request parameter from a LYQL instance, one of the following can be run.



  • Write documentation / code comments.
  • Add simple mode
  • Modularize so that it can be used within other use cases.
  • Add Browser support (Browserify)
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