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COsleep v0.2.0 on with binaries and source compiled in a Debian Live USB image version 9.8.0 and xfce as a desktop environment for 64bit CPUs , wit a real-time kernel, all included.
Use at own risk.
Download here the debian-custom-cosleep.iso
Put put the image on a USB stick of at least 4 GB size (8 GB recommended) e.g. using dd
e.g. in a linux with
dd if=debian-custom-cosleep.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M; sync
MAKE SURE /dev/sdX is your acutal USB drive, otherwise you might loose all you notebooks data. Also make sure the device is not mounted. if you made sure, then put a sudo in front of the command to make it work.

The image is both UEFI and BIOS (legacy) bootable.
Just plug in your PC/Notebook/Laptop and boot from the USB stick you created with the image.

username: user
password: live
rootuser: root
password: cosleep

COsleep study folder with compiled and source software is to be found in the main filesystem under /cosleep

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