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Free60 is a project towards porting GNU/Linux, BSD, Darwin and related open-source operating systems to the Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console.

  • 3-core PowerPC, 3.2 GHz
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • ATI graphics
  • (optional) 20 GB hard drive
  • DVD drive
  • 3x USB 2.0
  • 100 MBit Ethernet
  • TV/VGA support


* '''[[Run_Code

Run Code]]''': You can run your own code on Xbox 360 systems with kernel versions 4532 and 4548. If you own a box manufactured before 2007, upgrade to one of these versions, but to no later one.

* '''[[Linux_Bootloader

Linux Bootloader]]''': A preliminary second-stage boot loader exists.

* '''[[Linux_Kernel

Linux Kernel]]''': Patches for the Linux kernel to support a large part of the Xbox 360 hardware exist. As long as you're waiting for a convenient way to boot, you can set up your cross compiler environment.

* Linux Distributions: Several [[LiveCD

LiveCD]] variants and installation howtos for [[Debian-etch

Debian-etch]], [[Ubuntu7.04

Ubuntu7.04]] and [[Ubuntu7.10

Ubuntu7.10]] are available.


* '''[[First_Steps

Try it out now

]]''': How to test out linux (almost) without altering your system.

* Hardware: [[CPU

CPU]], [[GPU

GPU]], [[R6T3


* Software: [[Kernel

Kernel]], [[Hypervisor


* Misc: [[Videos

Videos]], [[FAQ



There are several ways for you to get in touch with the people behind Free60 and for sharing information between users. We are an open project and therefore explicitly invite anybody to contact us and to [[Help


* '''[[IRC


'''29 Sep 2007: 3D Acceleration work has started: ''' tmbinc has released an initial version of his 'gpu' library. It does not yet follow a standard API (like OpenGL), but allows you to play with the 3D GPU.

'''8 May 2007: Updated LiveCD ready: ''' Stonersmurf mastered the updated [[LiveCD

LiveCD]] including the latest kernel patches. The download is 621MB in size. See the Release Notes for details. Here is the [[Press_Release_2007-05-08

Press Release]].

1 May 2007: We now have a fix for Samsung users We will soon release an updated [[LiveCD

LiveCD]]. If you want to build your own kernel, see [[Linux_Kernel_Development

Linux Kernel Development]] for patches against linux-2.6.21.

1 Apr 2007: driver and a new LiveCD No April Fools' Day joke. We have released a preliminary driver and Cpasjuste has built a new [[LiveCD

LiveCD]] which makes use of it. Unfortunately, support for Samsung drives and sound drivers are still missing.

30 Mar 2007: Gentoo Minimal LiveCD Cpasjuste has combined the Kernel patches and latest Xell into a LiveCD. The download is about 90MB in size and since it uses the readcd boot method, you may soon be able to boot it without soldering a serial connection to your Xbox 360 mainboard.

20 Mar 2007: Linux Bootloader available tmbinc has come up with a [[Linux_Bootloader

Linux Bootloader]], which handles CPU initialization and loads the [[Linux_Kernel

Linux Kernel]] either from network or CDROM.

8 Mar 2007: First Linux patchset available Felix Domke posted a patchset for the [[Linux_Kernel

Linux 2.6.20 Kernel]] to the Linux-PPC mailing list.

1 Mar 2007: Hypervisor privilege-escalation vulnerability Some "Anonymous Hacker" published a security advisory that will make it possible to run alternative operating systems on the Xbox 360.

30 Dec 2006: Homebrew mock-up at 23C3 An "Anonymous Hacker" showed a Xbox 360 running unsigned code at 23C3 conference. See more in the [[Videos

Videos]] section.

7 Mar 2006: CPU Datasheet More great work from [[User:Speedy22

Speedy22]], this time he has created a datasheet for the Xbox 360's [[CPU

CPU]]. If can be found here.

Microsoft, Xbox, Xbox360 (and probably some more) are registered trademarks by Microsoft Corp. No affiliation between the Free60 Project and Microsoft Corp. exists or is implied. All other trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.

Please note that all information on this website is for informational purpose only and is provided AS IS. Everything you do with this information is on your own risk.

If you believe anything on this site violates any law or any of your rights, please contact us so that we can find a quick solution.

Everything done on this project is for the sole purpose of writing interoperable software under Sect. 1201 (f) Reverse Engineering exception of the DMCA.

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