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The SPI bus (Serial Peripheral Interface) on the Xbox360 is mainly used for communicating with the NAND-Flash Controller (SFCX), a SPI Programmer is needed for this. The bus consists of the following signals:

Name Description
MOSI Master out, Slave in
SS Slave Select
SCK Serial Clock
MISO Master in, Slave out
XEJ Eject

FAT Motherboard

The Diagram matches following Xbox360 Motherboard-revisions: Xenon, Zephyr, Falcon, Opus, Jasper. XBOX360_Fat_NandPro_LPCH2148_PIC18F2455_Diagram.jpg

SLIM Motherboard

The Diagram can be used for Xbox360 Motherboard-revision: Trinity XBOX360_Slim_NandPro_LPCH2148_PIC18F2455_Diagram.jpg