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General Info


Xmenu 0.3

Xmenu is an elf loader with a basic gui.


Copy the file xenon.elf and the "xenon" folder to the root of your usb disk/pen.
Load it with the hack.


Version 0.3 :
- It's now possible to load custom icons. Put a ".png" image (32 bits, with alpha channel, 32*32 pixels would be better)
  alongside your executable file, with the ".ico" extension. Example :
  If you have an executable named "snes9x.elf", put the ".png" icon in the same directory with the name "snes9x.ico".

Version 0.2 :
- Graphics data is now loaded at startup, allowing to customise.
- Smaller fonts, this allow more items to be displayed.

Version 0.1 :
- Alpha testing version.

Sasoseso from for sending me a free xbox 360, if all the people could be like you :)
Tmbinc of course for all his work.
Ced2911 for sega master system emulators sources, helped me a lot.
Ge0rG and ssmurf, because they are nice guys :)

Cpasjuste @

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