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[1bl Code](


[8051 8052](

[849x System Update](


[Boot Process](



[CB Code](




[Compiling the Toolchain](

[Console Security Certificate](


[Cross Compiler](


[DVD Drive](





[Dump Flash the NAND](




[Error Codes](






[File Formats](

[File System](

[Finding the right timing](

[First Steps](


[Flash Filesystem](

[Free60 Git Repository](






[Gamepad Keyboard](

[Generic Xbox 360 File Container](

[Genesis Plus](






[Homebrew Games](

[Homebrew Launchers](

[Homebrew Repository](





[Hypervisor (Old Notes)](Hypervisor_(Old_Notes).md)



[JTAG Hack](



[Kernel Exports](

[King Kong Hack](


[Level Shifter](




[LibXenon Examples](

[Lib Homebrew](




[Linux Bootloader](

[Linux Distributions](

[Linux Distros](

[Linux Kernel](

[Linux Kernel Development](

[List of PC utilities](

[List of Unix Distributions](

[List of all homebrew](

[List of development tools](

[List of homebrew applications](

[List of homebrew emulators](

[List of homebrew games](

[List of homebrew loaders](

[List of system tools](



[Media Remote](


[Memory MAP](

[Memory Unit](






[NAND: Bad Blocks](


[NAND File System](

[NAND Reading](

[NFS Root](



[Old Main Page](


[Other OS Loader](


[PC Software](



[Pin Headers](

[Play and Charge Kit](


[Pre-release differences](

[Profile: Account](



[RF Module](


[Reading Out nand](

[Reset Glitch Hack](

[Reversing the bootloaders](

[Run Code](



[SMBus Controller](


[SMC Command 0x01](

[SMC Command 0x82](

[SMC Hack](

[SMS Plus](



[SPI Programmer](



[Secure Transacted File System](

[Sega Genesis Plus GX](

[Sega Master System Plus](

[Serial Console](




[Starting Homebrew Development](

[Stereo DAC](

[System Calls](

[Tanks 360](

[Timing Attack](











[Wifi Adapter](





[XDK Kernel](





[Xbox 360 Motherboards](

[Xbox Revision Identification](

[Xbox Revisions](

[Xbox Software](

[Xbox System Software](


[XeLL Reloaded](



[Xenon (CPU)](Xenon_(CPU).md)

[Xenon (Motherboard)](Xenon_(Motherboard).md)

[Xenon Toolchain](


[Xenos (GPU)](Xenos_(GPU).md)

[Xenos Framebuffer](

[ZLX Browser](


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